Cost Considerations of Divorce Mediation: Potential Savings Over Litigation

Divorces are, in many ways, expensive. Not only are you forced to pay for moving expenses, two separate forms of housing, and more, but the divorce itself can be costly – especially when it comes to the legal agreements that are made to help both parties move forward.

One of the most expensive parts of divorce for many couples is litigation. Taking a partner to court typically involves each party obtaining its own lawyer, paying for its own court fees, paying filing charges, and additional expenses if litigation is dragged out over the course of months or years. That is yet another reason why divorce mediation is often preferable for many couples going through a divorce.

What Can Make Divorce Mediation Less Costly?

The cost of divorce is going to vary based on your specific factors, so not all mediation is going to be less costly. But many do find that divorce mediation is a more cost effective, less expensive endeavor. This is because divorce mediation may provide:

  • Reduced Legal Representation Expenses – In litigation, both parties typically require representation from an attorney. In mediation, there is typically only the cost of the mediator, who represents both parties.
  • Reduced Court Expenses– Typically, litigation involves various fees, including filing charges, court fees, and possibly even expert witness costs. Divorce mediation has no court related fees.
  • Faster Resolution – Not only is the cost of a mediator less than the cost of two litigation divorce attorneys, but mediation tends to resolve much faster, reducing billable hours considerably compared to litigation.
  • Limited Supplementary Costs – Similarly, because divorce mediation is typically resolved faster, there are fewer trips, less time taken off work, unlikely to be any discovery costs or court reporter/transcription fees, and more.

Because mediation also aims to provide a more flexible divorce plan that is fair and balanced to all parties, both parties tend to feel that their own long term personal financial expectation upon completion of the mediated agreement is less burdensome.

Divorce Mediation and the Costs of Litigation

Any legal case is going to be complex, and not all mediation will provide a cost savings. But it is more likely that mediation is a cost efficient, cost effective alternative to litigation, in addition the emotional benefits such as less stressful divorce process.

If you and your partner have chosen to move forward with a divorce, consider divorce mediation. Contact the Law Office of Gina Pellettieri today on Long Island for more information about the process, or to schedule a consultation.

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